Pop-Up Office by Dubbeldam Architecture and Design

Pop-Up Office by Dubbeldam Architecture + Design

Dubbeldam Architecture + Design has recently unveiled the POP-UP Office, an installation that explores the evolving way in which we work, using modular units that can be combined in different ways.

Built out of reclaimed wood pallet boards and their frames, separate modules collectively form the modern work place facilitating both individual work and collaboration - a workspace, collaborative space, lounge area and refueling station.

In sinuous forms, the reclaimed boards morph from the wall and floor into furniture elements, sanded where the human body comes in contact with the wood and left rough where it does not. The modules are comprised of separate planes (floor, wall, ceiling) and furniture elements that are assembled in different configurations. Modular shelves can be inserted into slots between wall boards, creating adjustable display and storage areas. Smaller ledges slide into gaps between the wood slats.

Easily transported, reconfigurable and rapidly deployed, pop-up offices are designed for short term use, atypical applications such as outdoor festivals or disaster relief situations, or start-ups looking for modest office space. With the playful use of materials, lighting and furniture components, each module is made distinct, while being easily reconfigured to fit individual needs.

Stripping away the superfluous, the POP-UP Office embodies adaptability - the space itself morphs in conjunction with workplace needs.

Photos: Shai Gil

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