Mirra 2 by Herman Miller

Mirra 2 by Herman Miller

Herman Miller has unveiled Mirra 2 work chair during the 2013 NeoCon. Designed by Studio 7.5, it is built on the same principles as their best-selling original, but is completely redesigned from the casters up. The result is a leaner, lighter, more responsive chair that moves as one with the sitter and dynamically supports even a person's slightest movements, so important as people work more agilely than ever.

Mirra 2 moves as people do, at one with their body. By purposefully rethinking every part of a successful design, Mirra 2 provides instant feedback for everything the sitter does, offering an intimate connection where the person and the chair move as one.

"We always knew that for an ergonomic work chair the same rules apply as for a pair of running shoes," explains Studio 7.5. "Both need to balance adaptability and support in order to be health positive. At the same time the gear needs to provide just the right amount of firmness and support in order to help the person's body adopt healthy postures."

Mirra 2 also advances on its predecessor's intuitive and easy-to-adjust controls, helping people make the right adjustment decisions on the fly without reading a manual. The sitter can make all adjustments while seated, allowing instant feedback to fine-tune the fit to the individual.

The Mirra 2 Butterfly Back, with its exceptional responsiveness and intuitive feel, results from the invention of a new method for merging a fabric layer with polymer veins to create an intelligent support structure. The hybrid structure, shaped for dynamic support, keeps the body in healthy alignment. Combined with a new loop spine, enhanced passive PostureFit and independently adjustable lumbar support, Mirra 2's back design is extraordinarily responsive to the body's slightest movements needs for support.

"The Butterfly Back provides another degree of flexibility, or more resolution, as we could call it," says Studio 7.5. "This provides a better fit for the back. We think of this as similar to the sensitivity and resolution achieved in high-fidelity sound. The result of these advances is a new level of contouring and support for micro motion."

The Butterfly Back shell also maximizes breathability using a reversed ratio of openings to support structure, and the same fabric used in technical clothing to avoid heat and moisture build-up. In addition, a redesigned seat frame allows for the removal of foam under the front of the seat, further increasing the seat's breathability and comfort. And a reinvented Harmonic tilt provides a smooth and balanced feel as people move from one posture to another, whatever their size and stature.

The lean design of Mirra 2 brings a sophisticated profile and visual lightness to any space. Added selections for textile and back colors - and the opportunity to combine them creatively - along with new options for base finishes increase the range of choices.

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