Adam and You - RTT Develops Video Game Style Configurator App for Opel

Adam & You: RTT Develops Video Game Style Configurator App for Opel

RTT has recently developed a new iPad app for Opel that lets users virtual test drive the new Opel ADAM.

RTT combined technologies such as the Unity 3D game engine with high-end 2D visualizations of the car and its surroundings. By including a virtual test drive function, ADAM & YOU provides a wholly new, dynamic experience of the automobile during the configuration process. The result can be shared and discussed with friends via various social media channels.

"The new Opel ADAM is the perfect car for the young trend-conscious and tech-savvy generation. In order to tap into this target group and attract additional potential customers, we have extended our conventional marketing strategy to including an application for the Apple tablet," commented Annette Elberskirch, CRM Digital Manager at Opel. "The app enlivens the configuration process by adding the fun of a computer game, thereby supporting the customer's purchase decision process. In developing the app, we were able to rely entirely on the resourcefulness, high-quality implementation and technological expertise of our longstanding partner RTT."

ADAM & YOU combines the functions of an online configurator with the emotional kick of a video game: users start by selecting an Opel Adam from 50 preconfigured models. They can then test drive the selected model as desired. A number of different icons are provided to vary the test drive situation, enabling the the recreation of different scenarios: there is a day and night mode, for example, and it is possible to change to a 360-degree all-round view of the car. In terms of audio features, a selection of tracks is available to compile an individual playlist to listen to during the test drive. A particularly ingenious feature is the tablet functioning as the steering wheel: holding the iPad at each end, the virtual car can be steered in the normal manner, thus immersing enthusiasts in the ultimate driving experience. As soon as users have found the model they like best, they can then finalize the selection of details with the help of the online configurator.