Stay by AlegreIndustrial Studio

Stay by AlegreIndustrial Studio

Stay, the new customizable office chair designed by AlegreIndustrial Studio is one of the finalists in the Delta Awards 2013, organized by the Catalan Design Association (ADI-FAD).

Stay is a new concept of chameleonic chair that users can completely adapt to their own personal needs and preferences. With lumbar adjustment, four different positions, three kinds of wheels, breathable technical fabrics for the seat and seat-back, carefully-studied ergonomics and an unbeatable price, Stay is one of the most comprehensive seats of its type.

In all its models, Stay provides ergonomic solutions to ensure comfort and adaptability for the user at all times. The seat, seat-back and armrest adjustment systems allow it to be adjusted smoothly to ensure that the user needs to expend the minimum effort to maintain or change their posture.

Thanks to its synchro-intelligent system, the seat automatically adjusts to the user's weight, adjusting the tension appropriately to facilitate even weight distribution and avoid stress on the knees and pelvis. The seat position can also be adjusted thanks to a horizontal movement that allows the distance from the seatback to be adjusted to adapt to each individual's different physical characteristics. The seat height is adjusted by a gas elevation system.

When it comes to lumbar support, Stay has a system manufactured from flexible, adaptable material on the seatback. The use of breathable elastic textiles combined with the adjustable lumbar support allows its complete adaptation for every user, strengthening tension in areas of greater weight.

Stay has two kinds of armrests and seven different locking positions as well as a 180 degrees pivotal swivel system which gives users greater mobility at their workstation. The ultra-quiet wheels have a self-braking system which prevents the chair from moving involuntarily.