The Sound of London - London's Skyline Re-created in Soundwaves

The Sound of London: London's Skyline Re-created in Soundwaves

Perfect Fools has re-imagined the skyline London as soundwaves for Soundcloud without Borders campaign, designed to promote Fogg.

The track entitled "The Sound of London" is the first of its kind and hopes to spawn a new genre of 'architectural music.'

Composed by electro-house producer Prova, the up-tempo track is created by synthesizers and computers using a persistent off-beat bass to mirror the rises and falls of the city skyline.

The music replicates the shapes of well-known buildings such as Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the Gerkin and many more.

The 'highest' point of the track audibly represents The Shard, the city's tallest structure, as the music reaches a crescendo. The distinctive dome of St Paul's is re-created by gradual increases in tempo and volume to remind the listener of its rounded shape.

"Merging the two disciplines of music and architecture was very challenging because sound waves are all about forward momentum, while buildings start, stop and sometimes double back on themselves," commented Karl Nord, art director of the campaign at Perfect Fools.

"We wanted to create both a piece of audio art, and a catchy tune that listeners will remember and share."

Perfect Fools