T4 by Tillett Textiles

T4 by Tillett Textiles

T4 by Tillett Textiles unveiled a new look book produced by Kathleen Tillett and her son Patrick, Tillett's fourth generation of designers.

Delving deep into the archives, together they are reinventing patterns that first put the brand on the map more than 50 years ago.

Creating new scales and color ways are the main focus, all while maintaining the original process of hand printing each fabric at the Tillett factory in the Berkshires.

Tillett Textiles became most popular in the 1960's with prominent fans including the iconic Jackie Kennedy, who used the fabrics throughout the White House.

In the past four decades the most prominent, internationally known interior decorators have continued to use the line throughout homes, hotels, offices, and so on.

T4 by Tillett Textiles also released the colorpad - a new app that allows designers and consumers alike to color-customize each T4 by Tillett Textile fabric to match one's desired color scheme.

Tillett Textiles

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