Studio O+A Designs New Evernote Office

Studio O+A Designs New Evernote Office

Studio O+A has recently designed a 80,000-square-foot office for Evernote, an online data storage company that allows its users to save (and retrieve) everything from Post-It notes to photographs to formal documents in the Cloud.

With the company moving into a much larger building than it had previously occupied, and with business booming, Evernote needed to be up and running in its new space with a minimum of downtime. The challenge for Studio O+A was to design an office commensurate with Evernote's soaring profile-on what was essentially a start-up budget and schedule.

Evernote's coffee bar and break areas are clad with Douglas fir plywood, the texture and grain of which provides its own graphic patterns. Forgoing expensive interior branding, Evernote instead hired chalk artist Dana Tanamachi to draft a wall-sized representation of the company's identity, complete with its tagline, "Remember everything," and elephant logo. Low-maintenance, water-conserving plants on an adjoining wall contribute to the reception area's look of unforced spaciousness.

To encourage creative interaction among employees, those snack and coffee counters, along with other communal and recreation spaces, are scattered generously throughout-even the white ash staircase between the second and third floors doubles as a gathering spot, with wide, cushioned steps. The reception station has its own coffee bar with a donut and pastry counter.

Photos: Jasper Sanidad

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