KOR ONE Chrome Hydration Vessel

KOR ONE Chrome Hydration Vessel

To celebrate the firm's 5 years in business, KOR Water launched a special edition of their original product, the KOR ONE, designed by RKS.

"Five years ago, KOR changed the conventional wisdom of what a reusable bottle could be," commented KOR CEO and Co-Founder Eric Barnes. "The KOR ONE has been a transcendent product placing water on a pedestal and engaging bottled water drinkers to what KOR calls 'sustainable hydration.' This Chrome is provocative."

With a highly reflective and luxurious golden-silver coated trim that encapsulates the precious water within, the KOR ONE Chrome seeks to further express that water connects all of humanity.

"The KOR ONE is all about timeless ground-breaking design that makes the world better in so many ways," added Ravi Sawhney, founder and CEO at RKS.

"Five years after its debut, the design remains fresh and more relevant than ever. Bringing it out in Chrome further celebrates KOR Water, the KOR ONE and a design that continues to engage and reward so many who connect with it. "


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