Pioneering 3D Fashion Designs Displayed at Design Museum

Pioneering 3D Fashion Designs Displayed at Design Museum

Project DNA, the three-dimensional accessories collection from London based designer, Catherine Wales, will be part of the Design Museum's The Future is Here: A New Industrial Revolution exhibition.

"Advances in technology have allowed me to utilize my expertise as a pattern cutter to approach current complications surrounding garment sizing and manufacturing restrictions," Wales commented. "3D technology can sustainably solve sizing issues and cut down on wastage while better supporting consumer demand."

Produced using white nylon with a 3D printer, Project DNA designs are inspired by identity and the visual structure of human chromosomes. The accessories are created almost entirely with individual and interchangeable components that allow pieces to be built in a number of designs.

A scaffold corset and a blossoming feathered shoulder piece will be displayed in the exhibition.

Photography: Christine Kreiselmaier

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