GDC Releases Internship Reference Guide

GDC Releases Internship Reference Guide

The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) has released a new reference guide developed to help guide design students, studios and agencies.

GDC Internship Reference Guide aims to help dispel common myths surrounding the internship practice and provides practical information and useful references.

"An internship is a valuable component to a graphic and communication design education," commented Adrian Jean CGD, GDC National President.

"Many successful designers point to their own internship as a turning point in their careers. Those designers now want to give back and provide the next generation that same benefit.

These designers and agencies should be supported and encouraged in doing so. Internships can provide positive benefits for BOTH the participant AND provider IF the program is developed appropriately and all parties are aware of their rights and responsibilities prior to engagement.

The GDC's Internship Reference Guide is an invaluable tool for both parties."

Society of Graphic Designers of Canada