ATTIK Develops Amazing Mix for Lexus

ATTIK Develops Amazing Mix for Lexus

ATTIK has developed an innovative new website and interactive promotion for Lexus, as part of the cross-media campaign for the entirely new 2014 Lexus IS sport sedan.

The Amazing Mix site presents a stunning video board where the new Lexus IS sedan is front and center. By using the keyboard, the scene's visuals and audio elements change, creating one-of-a-kind custom mixes which can easily be saved and shared via the user's social channels.

The Amazing Mix uses Flash for its main site, while mobile users can access a custom HTML5 save-disabled version that allows them to play with the content. Online banners drive users to the site and the introductory brand film that appears on the site will also be used at trade shows and events.

"The Lexus IS sport sedan appeals to performance-driven, tech-savvy customers who are looking to stand out from the crowd," said Lexus Corporate Marketing Manager Brian Bolain. "'The Amazing Mix' allows users to infuse their own identity into their video and share it with their friends. We're already seeing some amazing mixes and we can't wait to see what's next."