Santa and Cole Wins 2013 Delta Award for HeadHat

Santa & Cole Wins 2013 Delta Award for HeadHat

Santa & Cole has been recognized with 2013 Delta Award for HeadHat. HeadHat is a composite system of hanging lamps using shades (Hats) of differing sizes and materials that multiply the uses of an ingenious light capsule (Head).

"For its good resolution; because it is a simple, honest and flexible system that takes LED lighting one step further and brings warmth to this type of lighting. For its minimalist design, which uses a classic, elegant language to incorporate new technology," the Delta Award jury commented. "Furthermore, it is made from few components, revealing the sustainable thinking behind the product, and resulting in a smart form of production."

HeadLED is an ingenious capsule that integrates the light source and bulb socket. It comprises an aluminium injection heat sink housing a module with four LED 2700K colour temperature bulbs and a diffuser made of white engineering plastic with high transparency and diffusion. Its shape fits easily into different types and sizes of shade, creating a system that enables a variety of combinations.

"We have developed our own bulb. This capsule is a new route between the incorporated or custom-made bulb socket and the LED," explained the Santa & Cole Team. "The briefing was to come up with an independent, compact piece with the following attributes: good light dissipation and transfer, taking the light beam to the highest point of the shade to prevent glare. We wanted a flexible piece that could house the LED modules and easily include the best light sources on the market. It was important that it be as simple and intuitive to put together as possible."

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