Autodesk Implements Creative Commons Open Learning Initiative

Autodesk Implements Creative Commons Open Learning Initiative

Autodesk is the first major 3D software developer to make product support and learning content live and available under Creative Commons (CC) licensing.

20,000 pages of documentation, 70 videos and 140 downloadable 3D asset files for Autodesk's 2014 Media and Entertainment product line are now available for public modification, remixing and sharing as part of the new Open Learning Initiative.

"Autodesk embracing Creative Commons licensing is a big win for Creative Commons, but more importantly, it's a big win for the design community online," commented Creative Commons CEO Cathy Casserly.

"The power of the Internet lies in how easy it is for people to share and build on each other's work. CC licenses make that kind of sharing possible without the law getting in the way.

In opening its resources, Autodesk is demonstrating that it understands the capacity for creativity and collaboration among its community of users."

The company established the Autodesk Open Learning Initiative in response to a request from Paul Duguay, a 3D and multimedia studies instructor at the Coll├Ęge Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada.

After discovering a series of videos on the Autodesk 3ds Max Learning Channel that perfectly fit his curriculum needs, Duguay wanted to translate the audio into French as well as provide his students with legal access to the videos from the college's website. Eventually Duguay hoped to share his video translations with the wider French speaking 3ds Max community.

Unfortunately, the legal complexities of traditional copyright agreements proved insurmountable.

Thanks to the Creative Commons framework, Autodesk is now able to facilitate creative sharing and the Power of Open.