Deck Wireless Speaker

Deck Wireless Speaker

SOL Republic and Motorola have unveiled Deck Wireless Speaker, featuring Heist Mode, a revolutionary new feature that lets up to 5 users simultaneously connect and seamlessly take turns controlling the music.

With unique styling and the power of 360-degree Full Sound, Deck ensures music sounds loud and pure no matter where you are in the room.

Deck is the first wireless speaker with Heist Mode, allowing up to five people to simultaneously pair to the device and control the music.

Now everyone can be the DJ and "heist" Deck to share their favorite track or change it up with a different sound. Heist Mode is supported through Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) and allows for seamless pairing or super-easy "Tap and Play."

To show who has control of Deck, a backlit logo on the speaker changes colors as different users "heist" Deck with a new song.

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