Pack H2O Water Backpack Wins the 2013 People's Design Award

Pack H2O Water Backpack Wins the 2013 People's Design Award

The Pack H2O Water Backpack won the 2013 People's Design Award. Pack H2O attempts to solve the global clean water crisis by giving people the power to easily transport their own water.

The Pack H2O Water Backpack was designed by Greif Inc. to provide a cleaner, safer alternative to the often contaminated jerry cans and buckets used in developing countries to transport water from source to home. The backpack features an ergonomic, gender-neutral design, adjustable shoulder straps and a removable liner that can be sanitized in the sun.

"Cooper-Hewitt has long been a champion of socially responsible design, most notably for our 'Design with the Other 90%' exhibition series," commented Caroline Baumann, director of the museum. "I am truly delighted that the American public has chosen to recognize this design solution for the developing world. Millions of people around the world lack access to a reliable source of clean water, and the PackH2O demonstrates the power of design to address this critical problem."


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