Become Electric - World's First Interactive 360 Film

Become Electric: World's First Interactive 360 Film

WCRS, as part of EngineDare, has teamed with Mustard Films and Tool to create the world's first interactive 360° film for the launch of BMW's first electric car, the BMW i3.

"Become Electric is a step in the evolution of storytelling and brand engagement," commented Jason Zada, Director at Mustard/Tool. "It's an interactive film that puts you in complete control of saving the world. You are at the wheel of the new BMW i3 electric car for almost the entire film, all while being immersed in a big Hollywood-style movie."

Become Electric offers a unique, interactive experience shot in fully immersive 360 degrees. Users take the driving seat in the new BMW i3 as the star in a thrilling new short film.