Eight Inc. Creates a New Design Concept and Experience for New York and Company

Eight Inc. Creates a New Design Concept and Experience for New York & Company

Eight Inc. was tasked by New York & Company to create a transformative customer experience that captures the spirit of the New York & Company experience: making women look great and feel good. Eight Inc. responded by developing a retail concept that allows women everywhere to be part of this aspirational New York fantasy.

The monolithic storefront envelops the customer through a deep threshold zone that signals the immersive world beyond.

The store environment is divided into two distinct zones: "Wear to Work/Casual" and "Special Collections." Simple white product display wraps the perimeter of the space. Contrasting closets and marketing dividers create rooms for the different "Wear to Work/Casual" collections. These rooms allow the customer to easily navigate the associated products. The clean palette forms a backdrop for New York & Company's expressive clothing designs.

The central spine of the store is the "Special Collections" zone showcasing on trend and editorial pieces. This area contrasts the perimeter with glamorous and luxurious dark tones where products constantly change to radiate the energy of the fashion zeitgeist.

The focal point of New York & Company's vision is the Fashion Runway of the customer transformation. Here in the center of the store, the customer is given a unique runway experience with mirrored changing rooms and marquee lighting.

The first 7,350 square foot prototype debuted at the Mall in Columbia in Columbia, Maryland, in September. New York & Company anticipates a roll-out of this new concept in the future.

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