Three Carbon Collaborations Recognized in 2013 Spark Awards

Three Carbon Collaborations Recognized in 2013 Spark Awards

Three Carbon collaborations were recognized by the Spark Awards, with one finalist, one Bronze, and one top tier "Spark!" award.

The Stratos Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release System from A.M. Surgical was recognized with a Spark! Award, signifying its selection as one of the "best of the best" entries in the Spark Product competition. The Stratos leverages the A.M. Surgical Clear Cannula which protects critical anatomy and allows a clear view of the surgical field.

A switch on the handle of the all-in-one device can be in one of three positions, Scraper, Scope, or Blade. To change tools, the surgeon pulls the endoscope back, and flips the switch. The selected tool is deployed and the surgeon maintains a clear view while advancing the endoscope to scrape, cut, or view the ligament. The tool is automatically returned to the revolver when the endoscope is pulled back again. This innovative design reduces surgical steps and offers surgeons a higher level of surgical control and visualization throughout the procedure.

"Frequent prototyping allowed us to tightly couple interaction design and mechanism development and move rapidly from proof-of-concept to production," explained Peter Bristol, Carbon's Creative Director.

The Nu Skin Pharmanex Biophotonic S3 Scanner received a Bronze 2013 Spark Award. Nu Skin's Biophotonic Scanner Technology makes it possible to measure carotenoid levels in the skin, an indicator of overall antioxidant health. This empowers individuals to track improvements as they make changes to their diet and lifestyle. At less than one-third the weight of its predecessor, the S3's smaller size and battery power redefines mobility.

The S3 Scanner's sculpted metal surface guides hand placement and establishes it as the main point of interaction. The display (not present in the previous version) communicates that the device is working during the silent, 30 second scan, while the angled screen naturally enables shared viewing. The result is a simple, well-connected system and experience.

The VITALtalk app was recognized as Finalist in the Spark App competition. Developed for the University of Washington, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in collaboration with Toy Rockets, and Cascade Health Communication, the VITALtalk app is an education tool to empower doctors to learn how to deliver serious news more effectively and compassionately. Discussions about critical illness can be life changing. Communicating with honesty, compassion, and hope enables doctors to have a more positive impact, not only on these conversations, but also on patients' lives.

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