Volvo Announces Concept XC Coupe with Iconic Illustrators

Volvo Announces Concept XC Coupe with Iconic Illustrators

Volvo is releasing a new concept car in Detroit in January. It is a cross-country concept that has evolved from the Concept Coupe that was released this summer.

The new Volvo Concept XC Coupe is the second in line of three concept cars that together manifest the future of Volvo Cars. Inspired by modern high-tech sports equipment, it is a refined, capable and great car for anyone leading an active lifestyle.

To be able to talk about it in a wider context, Volvo gave six illustrators the opportunity to look at the car and interpret it.

Mark Riddick, the go-to guy for independent metal bands when commissioning album art.

Lovisa Burfitt, one of the worlds most renowned fashion illustrators.

Jesper Waldersten, Swedish illustrator who's minimalistic pencil drawings have given him great acclaim in northern Europe.

Blair Frame, English conceptual illustrator who rose to fame by creating beautiful sports collages.

Gary Barker, political illustrator and satirist. Commonly featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph and the Observer.

Jonathan Puckney, digital creative that supplied us with tools to create a beautiful illustration of the concept car.


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