PTW and LAVA Combine Nature and Technology

PTW and LAVA Combine Nature and Technology

PTW and LAVA have combined nature and technology in an organically-shaped display suite marketing the Sydney Greenland Centre on Sydney's old Water Board site.

The lobby of the 1960s Water Board building has been transformed with freeform furniture and curvy walls and ceilings to take the visitor through a journey of the new building. The display suite for the new mixed-use tower by the Greenland Group merges natural materials with high tech fabrication technologies.

"PTW are delighted to have been able to assist the Greenland Group, and to work closely with LAVA, on the first outreach by Greenland in the Australian residential marketplace," commented Tony Rossi, Executive Director of PTW.

The fluid space features white terrazzo floors, illuminated timber desks, and walls lined with white leather and timber battens. Continuous lighting ribbons create a luminous and airy environment. The latest technologies include GRP - a lightweight, strong material that can be formed into fluid shapes. Parametric modelling and rapid prototyping means the design went straight from a 3D computer model to the fabrication workshop where the reception and display desks were CNC cut and coated.

Photos: Brett Boardman & Peter Murphy

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