Pininfarina Designs Trophy for the First Dubai Tour

Pininfarina Designs Trophy for the First Dubai Tour

Pininfarina has designed the Trophy for the inaugural Dubai Tour, organized by the Dubai Sports Council in association with RCS Sport.

"It's an honor for Pininfarina to be a partner in the first edition of the Dubai Tour and to support a project which is destined to become the most prestigious cycling race of the Asian continent," commented Chairman Paolo Pininfarina.

"Our attention to sport made the collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council possible involving us in each and every stage of the project, from the design research to the 3D development of every detail of the Trophy through providing support during the manufacturing process. The Trophy reflects the principles of the Pininfarina style: research for the purity of lines and an aesthetical synthesis which, in the case of cars or household items, is a combination of beauty and practicality, form and technology."

The Pininfarina team, aware of the iconicity of the project, conferred to the Trophy a strong and distinctive character combining the purity and essentiality of lines with the richness and refinement of materials. The Trophy comes alive from a circle, the simplest and the most perfect form, under the pressure of the movement, resulting in a dynamic and elegant shape. Several are the references to the world of cycling: the Trophy can in fact be seen as a wheel of a racing bike, representing the tension of the competition and, at the same time, it was studied to be worn by the winner as homage to the cyclists of the past who used to bring the tube over the shoulder.

The materials used have both an aesthetic and a symbolic role referring to the Dubai reality; the object takes shape from the extraordinary multi-faceted blue sand crystals, typical of the local desert, to be turned in a perfect and regular form thanks to the action of speed. The Trophy was designed to reward the passion and the total commitment necessary to stand out in cycling and to become an object of desire.


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