Quixotic Divinity - Laser-Sintered Wearable Art Debuts at 3D Printshow

Quixotic Divinity: Laser-Sintered Wearable Art Debuts at 3D Printshow

Chicago-based artist and longtime proponent of 3D-printed art and sculpture Joshua Harker made his runway debut at this year's 3D Printshow in London and Paris. The event heads to New York in mid-February.

Harker's first piece of "wearable art," a headdress laser sintered on an EOSINT P 760 additive manufacturing (AM) system, served as the anchor of 3D Printshow's fashion show, held at the Business Design Centre in London's Islington borough and Carrousel Du Louvre in Paris.

The all-plastic headgear, which pays homage to traditional ceremonial headdresses of Native American and African tribes, consists of a variety of interwoven and suspended components. After Harker dedicated almost 200 hours of design time, EOS was able to print the entire piece in less than 26 hours.

Harker also debuted a nearly 2000-piece kinetic sculpture manufactured using EOS laser-sintering technology and displayed other items from his creative portfolio at the show.

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