Samahope - The Crowd

Samahope: The Crowd

Visual Creatures worked with the non-profit organization Samahope to create an animated anthem showcasing the outreach of the company, which crowdfunds resources to give directly to doctors providing medical treatments to women and children who cannot afford them in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Latin America.

Samahope approached Visual Creatures to create a short explaining the organization's unique idea to directly donate resources for doctors who travel overseas to treat patients, build clinical infrastructures, and train local medical personnel. While dealing with the harsh reality and medical industry is a serious subject, Visual Creatures decided to focus on the hopeful and positive impact of Samahope and the ability for anyone to contribute to the organization. Known for their humorous work, Visual Creatures incorporated their playful vision to create a :30 spot that is bright and uplifting, while still conveying the message of need worldwide.

"Visual Creatures have blown us away with their generosity and talent. We are humbled to have Samahope's story told in such a beautiful and compelling way," commented Samahope's Nina Pine. "This video will help us spread the word and fund more patients in need of critical medical care."