Herman Miller Student Video Contest 2014

Herman Miller Student Video Contest 2014

Herman Miller has launched the 2014 Student Video Contest, asking full-time students attending two or four-year U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities to answer "Why Does Your Campus Matter?" in a video three minutes or less.

"With MOOCs and online learning, one could assume the role of space in education is diminishing," commented Jeff Vredevoogd, Director of Herman Miller Education. "Yet students continue to gravitate toward collaborative learning experiences that only occur on campus. This contest encourages students to highlight how the physical learning environment is helping them thrive and pursue their lifelong learning journeys."

By entering the contest, students not only have an opportunity to highlight the positive impacts of their campuses' learning environments - from collaborative classrooms to post-lecture touch points - but inform the next generation of learning space design.

"While we agree that technology and new learning methods are reshaping the learning experience, there is a clear message around the need to maintain on-campus learning spaces. These spaces clearly aren't disappearing from the education landscape; they're just being designed and used differently," added Vredevoogd. "By seeing what spaces are most impactful from a students' point-of-view, designers are able to gain a better understanding around how to create environments that not only meet today's learning needs, but also anticipate the needs of the future."

The deadline for entries is March 21, 2014.

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