Picture Mill Creates Signature NFL Broadcast Logo

Picture Mill Creates Signature NFL Broadcast Logo

Picture Mill has created a signature animated logo for National Football League's championship season. Picture Mill also created a large-scale version of the final image as a permanent installation for the National Football League's New York headquarters.

In collaboration with NFL's brand team, Picture Mill developed a concept and execution that evokes how football brings people together across the nation, from fans to players, in appreciation for the all-American sport. The resulting motion signature, a dramatic sweep over a twilight landscape of illuminated small towns and bustling cities, ends with a massive NFL logo glowing, literally and metaphorically, across the landscape of the United States.

"We are honored to have collaborated with the NFL on this centerpiece image," commented Picture Mill Creative Director William Lebeda. "It was the opportunity to create something that would resonate with everyone from the viewers at home to the players to the Commissioner. Given that the last motion signature aired for over a decade, we understood the importance and the responsibility of creating a lasting iconic image for the League."

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