Moleskine Launches myCloud Wallets and Bags

Moleskine Launches myCloud Wallets and Bags

Moleskine has unveiled its first-ever collection of wallets and passport holders, featuring its iconic elastic band, rounded rectangle shape, and minimal aesthetic.

"Every time we pack our bag for the day ahead it's like crafting an identity to show to others," said Maria Sebregondi, VP of Brand Equity and Communications at Moleskine. "Our bags contain our innermost thoughts and ideas. The things inside - belongings, projects in progress, digital devices that connect to our online selves - help us to express ourselves. Together they make up the analog cloud of objects that defines us."

Featuring five different wallet styles for women and men, including a passport wallet with compartments for passports, credit cards, and other travel essentials, the collection comes in Payne's Grey and Khaki Beige.

Moleskine has also launched a new line of totes, messenger bags, and backpacks, specifically designed for helping people on the go stay organized. The new bag collection includes a tote, messenger bag, backpack, and reporter bag. All bags come in Payne's Grey while both the Reporter and Tote bags are also available in Khaki Beige.

The exterior recalls Moleskine notebooks with an elastic band and minimal aesthetic. Adjustable shoulder straps give a better fit, with shoulder pads and concealable waist straps offering extra comfort. Metal snap-hooks and eyelets as well as exterior pockets give quick access to important tools. Meanwhile the interior comprises a variety of compartments, loops and pockets specifically designed to fit essential on-the-road items, with a coloured lining to ease finding things in a rush.

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