J Plus by YOO Gets a Facelift

J Plus by YOO Gets a Facelift

yoo Studio has created a fresh look for J Plus Hotel. On its 10th anniversary, Asia's first boutique hotel got a brand new look, building on the legacy of Philippe Starck's original ground breaking design, styled for fast living professionals and style-conscious travellers. The HK$10 million refurbishment presents a dramatic new image for the iconic address in Causeway Bay.

Starting from the outside, yoo Studio has created a new-look fa├žade to reveal the buzzing street-level lobby. The main entrance for J Plus has also been given greater prominence, highlighting its position in the city.

Yellow, orange and red tinted glass panels inscribed with Chinese motifs of coins, dragons and bamboo have been introduced as symbols of good fortune - greeting you whether inside looking out, or outside looking in.

The large Renaissance-style portrait, playfully symbolises the hotel's own rebirth.

The comprehensive makeover includes the redesign of the hotel's 32 luxurious studios and 24 stylish, spacious suites in bold, bright colour schemes.

"In a city so synonymous with change, this iconic address is redefined and refreshed for the future," commented Mathew Dalby, Design Director of yoo. "While staying sympathetic to the original cutting-edge design, this refreshed restyling continues our design house's legacy of contemporary, imaginative and sophisticated creativity to surprise and delight even the most jaded traveller. Our legacy is rejection of all things conventional. Original design enhances life. It's our mantra for every hotel we develop, manage and design. Each by yoo hotel offers compelling individual states of design, service and location, designed by yoo Studio."

J Plus Hotel is located at 1-5 Irving Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. The full refresh will be revealed on May 22.


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