Varoom 25 - The Empathy Issue

Varoom 25: The Empathy Issue

The new issue of Varoom illustration magazine encounters Empathy in a broad context, exploring the rich ways in which image making and the commercial realities around it reveal empathy.

Three illustration agents discuss the illustrator-client relationship: Jon Cockley from Handsome Frank, Jeremy Wortsman from the Australian Jacky Winter Group and Stephanie Alexander-Jinks from The Artworks; Adrian Holme explores the extraordinary set of images created by Phoebe Gloeckner for the cult 1990 Re/Search edition of JG Ballard's The Atrocity Exhibtion, and we look at Therapy Today magazine, which since its redesign, has highlighted illustration to express complex therapeutic issues and situations - Editor Sarah Browne explores in detail the thinking between 
editor and illustrator.

Plus the regular round up of important images from our contributing experts on Moving Image, Children's Books, Comics, Reportage and Marian Bantjes' evocative embroidered piece, Lost Child.

And regular columnist Paul Davis takes the idea into uncharted territories, "If this New Empathy fails, will 2014 be re-membered for The Empathy Riots?"


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