Open to the Public - Civic Space Now

Open to the Public: Civic Space Now

Open to the Public: Civic Space Now, on view at the Center for Architecture from June 12, will focus on the centrality of public space in urban life and the need to both augment and preserve truly open access to those spaces.

Public space will not be treated as a luxury or "add-on" - a themed component of some larger commercial enterprise -but rather as an essential component of civic discourse.

Indeed, no type of built environment reifies this year's AIA New York Chapter's presidential theme, 'Civic Spirit: Civic Vision' more powerfully than public space: squares, plazas, parks, and streets.

The wide variety of public spaces will be divided into three categories: spaces designed and used primarily for congregation, circulation, or contemplation.

The exhibition will consider the impact of global, digital communication on the nature of gathering, and the influence of the Occupy Movement and political demonstrations worldwide on our conception of the purpose of public space.

The exhibition will be on view until September 6, 2014.

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