MTZHF Creates Design Necessities Campaign for YDesign Group

MTZHF Creates Design Necessities Campaign for YDesign Group

MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER (MTZHF) has recently created an innovative new print campaign for YDesign Group, themed "Design Necessities." The campaign features YDesign Group's consumer brands, YLighting and YLiving.

"Design Necessities" takes modern design, which is often intimidating to people, off its pedestal and establishes it as a practical part of our lives. The campaign reminds us that modern design is more than just an aesthetically pleasing flourish or statement piece-it's a functional and stylish solution to everyday dilemmas. For example, a modern chair is just that-a place to rest tired legs. While the ads are matter-of-fact, they feature an engaging voice and lively color palette that makes the pieces approachable (and buyable).

"As soon I saw the creative team's ad ideas, they just felt right," commented John Matejczyk, co-founder and executive creative director at MTZHF. "Of course, we then had to go through the creative process of figuring out just why they felt so right. What it came down to is they capture the very essence of modern design, which is not about creating rarified, unreachable, untouchable heirlooms, but fully satisfying actual everyday needs. That's why we called it 'Design Necessities.' We worked closely with YDesign Group to develop the ideas and keep them clean and simple, just like modern design should be."


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