Cartils Designs New Visual Brand Identity for Trulli

Cartils Designs New Visual Brand Identity for Trulli

Cartils designed the new visual brand identity for Trulli Formula E Team. The new logo has a sleek and modern image of which the icon represents a powerful shield incorporating the letter "T" of Trulli.

The icon has been designed to embrace the message of speed as a futuristic safeguard based on the symbols that Jarno Trulli always used on his helmet. The bold and prominent "T" has been designed inspired by the image of an eagle's wing embodying precision, speed, accuracy and performance but at the same time sovereignty and evolution.

The typeface for the logo has been specifically designed to reflect racing status and the openness of the letters to stress modernity.

"The result of the new logo has a powerful image which is given by the shield, the strong and bold typeface and also the unique colour scheme which is based on technology, innovation and sustainability which are the core of this newly created Formula-e racing global event," commented Alfonso Granati, Client Brand Director at Cartils.


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