Autodesk's Pixlr Launches Three New Product Offerings

Autodesk's Pixlr Launches Three New Product Offerings

Autodesk has unveiled three new product offerings for Pixlr, its powerful yet easy-to-use photo editor.

The free edition is called Starter and includes the basic photo editing tools and over 600 effects.

Essentials edition includes access to enhanced features such as advanced Double Exposure and additional effects, overlays, and borders.

Pixlr Pro members unlock powerful photo editing tools such as Influence Masks, control over specific color channels, and more.

A paid Pixlr membership unlocks Pixlr for all desktop platforms, including Windows and Mac, and will unlock features in future versions of the Pixlr app for iOS and Android.

Pixlr for desktop will make it easier for photo enthusiasts and professionals to edit and design right from their computer, by including the ability to access Pixlr offline for first time.