RKS Unveils Starfish Guitar Stand

RKS Unveils Starfish Guitar Stand

RKS has unveiled Starfish, a five legged guitar stand that provides high aesthetic appeal, complete durability and maximum protection.

"A guitar is a musician's most prized possession. Yet, as cherished as they are, traditional stands only have three legs and lack stability, protection and the ability to showcase instruments as the pieces of art they are," commented CEO and Founder of RKS, Ravi Sawhney. "With five legs, the Starfish is not only safer and more reliable, but it looks so great it becomes a product that musicians can't help but show off."

To improve the guitar player's experience, RKS' design team approached the project with three main enhancements that were developed based on extensive research and intense collaborations with musicians and the music community: aesthetic appeal, complete durability and maximum protection. The result is the most stable instrument stand on the market.

The Starfish provides the ultimate in security by doubling the overall stability of the traditional guitar stand satisfying the needs of musicians. The Starfish+ comes complete with a self-locking, lightweight mechanism comprised of gravity-activated, bullet-proof, clear gates that activate in a split second making security easily accessible. Compact, it easily folds down to half its size in mere seconds, ideal for speedy setup and breakdown to both empower musicians and give them peace of mind.


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