Magnat LZR 980 by Pininfarina

Magnat LZR 980 by Pininfarina

Pininfarina has designed a new high-performance over-ear headphone for Magnat.

The Magnat LZR 980 features a unique shape characterized by sculptural and dynamic surfaces. A distinctive curvy line comes to life from the ear cup, continues through the entire headband to finish its ride on the second ear cup conveying continuity to the product profile. Starting from a careful study of the ergonomics of the ear the team designed the formfitting shape of the ear cups able to grant the highest level of comfort to the end user.

An iconic metal element connects the two main parts of the product - the ear cups and the headband - fulfilling at the same time an aesthetic and functional purpose. The outstanding design is combined with Magnat's innovative laser technology. Pininfarina also designed the packaging of the headphones, a unique case strongly consistent with the product.


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