Saul Steinberg Drawings - Architecture Public Space

Saul Steinberg Drawings: Architecture Public Space

Saul Steinberg Drawings: Architecture Public Space, on view at the Center for Architecture from November 10 through January 3, will shine a light on architectural and public space themes in the artist's work, will also celebrate the centennial of Steinberg's birth.

The Romanian-born Saul Steinberg (1914-1999), celebrated for his drawings in The New Yorker as well as the many gallery and museum exhibitions of his art, received a degree in architecture from the Regio Politecnico, Milan, in 1940.

Though he never practiced as an architect, he often expressed his ideas through the lens of the built environment. Reflecting on his training, he remarked, "I began with architecture and I continued with drawing."

"For more than half a century, Saul Steinberg's drawings of architecture and public spaces offered a critique of the built environment of architectural styles no less than the effects of postwar modernization on the urban and rural landscapes," said Sheila Schwartz, Executive Director of The Saul Steinberg Foundation.

"This exhibition represents an epitome of Steinberg's graphic interpretations of the subject, and The Saul Steinberg Foundation is grateful to the Center for Architecture for bringing these works to the public eye."

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