Sketching - Product Design Presentation

Sketching: Product Design Presentation

After the international bestsellers Sketching and Sketching: The Basics, the authors Koos Eissen and Roselien Steur have released their third book: Sketching - Product Design Presentation.

For this book, the authors shifted the focus from learning how to sketch, to the context in which sketches can be seen. What effect would the designer like to achieve, and for whom is he/she sketching? One of the most interesting aspects of this topic is that of communication-related principles: what makes presentations effective?

For designers, sketching is a daily activity that can serve many goals. Each of these goals require a different sketching technique. These techniques are even more effective when designers understand how people view their sketches. This book provides insight into methods for approaching different kinds of visual presentation/communication in product design. In what aspects do presentations differ and how can designers 'formulate' their content in order to get the message delivered?

Influential visual language theories such as Gestalt, Rhetoric and Semantics are discussed within the context of product design by means of pitches, portfolios and presentations from leading design studios.