Built by Women New York City

Built by Women New York City

Built by Women is a social and educational initiative, celebrating women's contributions to the built environment.

Last fall, BWAF launched a public competition, Built by Women New York City (BxW NYC), to identify structures and environments created by women working in architecture, landscape, engineering, and construction. With over 350 unique nominations, the distinguished jury had a rich pool from which to select the 98 award-winning projects created by women.

The diverse sites, located in all five boroughs, reflect strong design, have historical or cultural significance, and positively impact their communities. The jury's selections included transportation hubs, theaters, recycling centers, parks, community gardens, health care systems, a new police training academy, emergency services, and stunning restaurants, designed, led, and managed by women of all ages, making their mark on the city's built environment and affecting our daily lives.

This competition and related exhibition are the beginning of a series of activities to shine a light on women and their impact on life in New York City. The inaugural exhibition will be at the Center for Architecture, March 2 to April 11, 2015.

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