2015 FN Platform Challenge

2015 FN Platform Challenge

by Levent Ozler

PENSOLE and FN Platform have launched the 2015 FN Platform Challenge, a hands-on, four-week, intensive footwear design master class to identify and introduce aspiring designers globally to the art of footwear design.

The FN Platform Challenge will take place June 1-26 at PENSOLE in downtown Portland and will feature a new category - medical - this year, in addition to men's and women's.

"When I founded PENSOLE my goal was to solve real footwear problems, and this year we are focusing on 'improving the human condition,'" commented D'Wayne Edwards, Founder of PENSOLE. "So we will be asking the public to submit medical conditions they have themselves or are aware of. We will then select four of the most challenging problems to solve during the class."

Medical conditions can be submitted as a written idea or YouTube video. Those whose conditions are selected as projects for FN Platform Challenge will be notified, and students selected for the FN Platform Challenge will work to develop a footwear solution.

The deadline for entries is April 26, 2015.

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