SpecialGuest and Sagmeister and Walsh Deliver Vibrant Stop-Motion for Frooti

SpecialGuest + Sagmeister & Walsh Deliver Vibrant Stop-Motion for Frooti

Sagmeister & Walsh has been tasked with a full rebrand of Frooti and invited SpecialGuest to produce a vibrant and surreal stop-motion piece at the center of the campaign.

SpecialGuest's eye-catching, animated :50, "Power of Song," was orchestrated by Executive Creative Director Aaron Duffy along with Sagmeister & Walsh Partner, Jessica Walsh. 1stAveMachine Director Marc Reisbig and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios brought the stop motion to life. Set to bright, up-tempo original music by Amit Trivedi, the spot features an animated miniature of Bollywood superstar and long-time Frooti spokesman Shah Rukh Khan.

In a surreal scenario, a handful of ambitious, miniature people discover a colossal mango and make comical failed attempts to transform it into a drink. Then, Shah Rukh Khan appears and lends his voice, uniting the group in song to lift and liquify the massive mango, creating a towering Frooti bottle. The piece is deftly executed, especially for its audience in India where stop-motion advertising is not commonly seen.

"I loved working in strategic and creative partnership with Frooti CMO Nadia Chauhan and Jessica Walsh at Sagmeister & Walsh, making an absurdly ear and eye-catching little film, and most of all having fun while creating something effective," Duffy noted.