Housewarming by Airbnb and Fabrica

Housewarming by Airbnb and Fabrica

Airbnb partnered with Fabrica to create Housewarming, an experiential installation for the 2015 Salone del Mobile. Housewarming celebrates the connections that guests and hosts experience through sharing a home, and how these unique relationships begin with a simple welcome.

Visitors to the installation in the Palazzo Crespi, will see the creations of 19 international designers who have interpreted the concept of welcome. Guests will be invited to interact with the designers, who will be installed in different parts of the Palazzo. From the experience of a very British tea time to the Indian ritual of lighting copper lamps, visitors will leave with a sense of belonging to this Milanese home and the cultures each of the Fabrica designers represent - a feeling which is central to an Airbnb experience.

Originally built to celebrate the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte, along with the other buildings on Corso Venezia, Palazzo Crespi reflects the period's Baroque style and is an enchanting home steeped in Milanese history. Housewarming will allow the public to experience Palazzo Crespi, a private home, for the first time through a series of creative activations.

"Design helps shape our everyday interactions, through products, furniture, objects, or experiences," commented Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia. "Fabrica's innovative students will showcase Airbnb's belief that design can create a sense of belonging and facilitate connections between a global community."

Photos: Palazzo Crespi, Fabrica


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