Measure at Storefront for Art and Architecture

Measure at Storefront for Art and Architecture

To measure, to quantify the physical and intangible dimensions of a place, is to articulate facts in order to construct values. The pleasure and pressure to measure and be measured has become increasingly present in contemporary life.

Access to growing data sets and new sensing technologies is widespread, and the role of public and private domains of information and space are being redefined.

On Thursday, August 13th, Storefront for Art and Architecture opens Measure, an exhibition of 30 drawings by 30 international architects presenting 30 edifices of thought.

While architectural representation conforms to a system of standards and guidelines that allows for the production of buildings, architecture is also the practice of giving form to thought. In the process of creating edifices that house social, political, and spatial relations, architects make visible the functions of society in operational and aspirational terms. In this sense, architecture is constantly innovating new forms of measurement and representation.

The 30 drawings presented at Storefront unveil the challenges of representation and extrapolate them onto the architect's table and the gallery walls.

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