Lemay Designs New Artopex Showroom

Lemay Designs New Artopex Showroom

Lemay recently completed the design for Artopex's new showroom in the heart of historic Old Montreal. The project is located in the prestigious former headquarters of the Royal Bank of Canada. After sitting vacant for more than 25 years, the emblematic building has been completely revitalized and rethought in order to give Artopex a space that reflects its image and values.

The goal of the project was to communicate the manufacturer's history and identity with a graphic and spatial narrative thread, with the ultimate objective of preserving memories and emphasizing the quality of its products. The idea of territory emerged as the central theme for the entire interior design concept.

Starting at the entrance, an uninterrupted ribbon of images of Quebec landscapes guides visitors through the different zones of the showroom, spread across two basement levels. Quebec's urban, industrial and natural landscapes translate Artopex's commitment towards the community and the environment, two values at the core of the company's culture. The pixelated treatment of the background images creates a defocused effect that directs the eye toward the product, making an original contribution to its display.

From the outset, the architects faced two major challenges: the front door is dwarfed by imposing neoclassical columns, and the showroom's basement location suffers from a shortage of natural light. In response to the first, an enormous LED-animated marquee draws the gaze and energizes the entrance with a variety of lighting effects. Addressing the second, a large opening in the floor leads to oversized wooden stairs serving as a meeting place as well as a display space, while flooding the lower levels with natural light. The arrangement of the different zones, linked by lighting effects, creates several contrasting ambiances that enhance the visitor experience.

Photos: Claude-Simon Langlois


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