Not Invented Here - Cross-industry Innovation

Not Invented Here: Cross-industry Innovation

Cross-industry innovation is a clever way to jump-start your innovation efforts by drawing analogies and transferring approaches between contexts, beyond the borders of your own industry, sector, area or domain.

Not Invented Here, a new title from BIS Publishers by Ramon Vullings and Marc Heleven, presents key strategies and concrete tools for cross-industry innovation. This book is emerged from hundreds of conversations with business leaders and innovators and is packed with ideas, approaches and cases that you can apply in your own industry. It aims to be a joyful guide, using inspiring stories, challenging thoughts and many practical tools to help you find great ideas in other sectors.

The book refers to the phenomenon of people blocking out ideas from the outside. It also indicates that there are beautiful alternatives everywhere just waiting to be introduced to your context. The potential of ideas and approaches from other areas is tremendous, yet only very few organisations apply cross-industry innovation strategies in any kind of structured way.

Not Invented Here provides you with cross-industry innovation strategies and tools to increase your match sensitivity (the ability to make more effective connections) and see the opportunities available. With the chapters The art of questioning, Someone else has solved your problem, Inspiring industries & smart sectors, Your business challenges and many more this book opens up interesting new perspectives and features as a significant source of major innovation steps.