Varoom 30 - The Play Issue

Varoom 30: The Play Issue

by Derek Brazell

The Play issue of Varoom is out now, and explores how illustrators and the commercial world use Play as a vital part of the creative process.

In Inside the Sandbox, New York illustrator Jennifer Maravillas, expresses how "life is never the same when your process revolves around experimentation. My life and the world around me have become the medium". The article also talks to Marian Bantjes, Kristi Minchin, Christoph Niemann and Steve Simpson.

Issue 30 also examines games in digital and physical form. Curator of the National Museum of Play in the USA, Nicolas Ricketts, selects four unusual games from the archive and gives the stories behind them. And Pat Kane in The Play Ethic writes about how he puts play and creativity at the heart of how we need to revolutionize the social and political order in the 21st Century.

In Playing With Space: The Image Theatre of Russell Mills, Rick Poynor examines the benchmark body of work in the history of illustration by Russell Mills, and how he addressed cultural and social ideas within a commercial context in the late 1970's and the early 1980's.

The playful cover image is by Gary Card, who is also profiled, revealing to Varoom the many possibilities of artistic improvisation, talking us through his fashion and shop display work, Lula exhibition and Kafka book cover designs.


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