Midas Awards 2015 - Call for Entries

Midas Awards 2015: Call for Entries

The 2015 Midas Awards is open for entries. The competition recognizes excellence in financial marketing and advertising on a global scale.

This year, Midas Awards expanded their Use of Discipline categories, introducing both Effectiveness and Recruiting categories. "The Midas Awards has always celebrated creative excellence, but now we're adding the option for entrants to demonstrate the results of their campaigns," explained Alisun Armstrong, Executive Director of Midas Awards. "The new Effectiveness category allows brands and agencies to showcase the payoff of the creative arsenal employed to engage consumers and boost the brand."

As agencies and brands continue to expand, the process of finding qualified employees has become more challenging. Creative ways to attract, evaluate, and hire employees are a necessity in this competitive playing field. The newly unveiled Recruiting category will showcase inspired trends in sourcing and hiring the best-qualified candidate.

The deadline for entries is September 15, 2015.

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