William Armstrong Directs Celebrity-studded Mercedes-Benz SUV Campaign

William Armstrong Directs Celebrity-studded Mercedes-Benz SUV Campaign

Mercedes-Benz launched a vibrant, celebrity-studded campaign to showcase its complete range of SUVs, which has been expanded this year to include the all-new GLE, GLE Coupé and GLC vehicles. Created by agency Jung von Matt, the campaign debuts with a visually stunning centerpiece TV spot directed by William Armstrong out of Markenfilm.

Armstrong created an epic adventure done in artistic brushstrokes, capturing five celebrity ambassadors as they pursue his or her own passions accompanied by their SUV to emphasize the campaign tagline: "At home in every terrain." At the wheel are familiar faces of sports, fashion and adventure: legendary surfer Garrett McNamara, Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, show jumping champion Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, top model Petra Němcová, and adventurer Mike Horn.

Each ambassador is seen excelling at what they do - for example, Garrett McNamara is shown big wave surfing and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum is captured riding wild horses through the forest. In each vignette, the SUV model plays the ideal counterpart to the lifestyle and environment around them.

The world of each celebrity/SUV pairing is conveyed with a sense of excitement and a decided elegance. A building feeling of drama is engendered in the grey tones and the dark drive of the symphonic score, as Armstrong's breathtaking images show the lineup of Mercedes-Benz off-roaders blazing trails through sweeping landscapes shot throughout Portugal, Lisbon, Mallorca and Madrid.

Jung von Matt