LumiGroup Provides Lighting for McGill University's Faculty of Dentistry

LumiGroup Provides Lighting for McGill University's Faculty of Dentistry

LumiGroup has provided the lighting for the new Faculty of Dentistry at McGill University in Montreal. The space is very bright, both from the abundance of light and the omnipresence of white. The overall effect, however, is still warm, due to the punctuation of red elements and a smart choice of lighting.

The ground floor front entrance, for both students and patients, opens to a grand black reception desk, contrasting with the glass wall in the background and its integrated diffuse lighting. The white pendant light, with blunt edges, adds to the minimalist concept of the space.

In the entrance and the rest area, the atmosphere is relaxed, with playful dynamic staging of recessed fluorescent strips in the ceiling, randomly arranged and crossing over each other. Each crossing angle, from one section to the next has been executed with care for a clear and precise continuity of lighting. This attention to detail and custom staging gives the project its unique and slick character. The architectural lighting, the star of the student lounge, along with the irregularity of the walls, create a lively and upbeat atmosphere.

An anthracite-coloured overhanging ceiling, framing the donors' panel, serves as a defining attribute to the waiting area. The four fluorescent strips embrace and accentuate this L shape component, while giving the impression that this narrow space is larger.


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