Pantone Launches Color on Color Campaign

Pantone Launches Color on Color Campaign

Pantone, in partnership with Base Design, launched "Color on Color" campaign to announce 210 new color additions to their fashion, home furnishings and interior design color palette.

Base designed the campaign with a goal to create iconic images that speak both the language of Pantone and fashion. By moving the Pantone brand into the Fashion context, the campaign engages the creative segment of the audience while retaining the essence of the brand: colors!

Through the campaign headline, "On Color," which echoes the fashion industry's "on trend" expression, Base and Pantone aimed to capture the power of displaying a usage of color that's sophisticated, poignant and precisely right. In the campaign visuals, Base used dramatic sculptural gestures and aesthetics, generous white space, sharp lines and constructions to create refined imagery that goes far beyond the iconic Pantone chip.

The mirrors exhibit an infinite world of choices and display Pantone's rich color vocabulary, and the art direction is sculpturally minimal giving the images a degree of abstraction. The colors in each image are carefully coordinated to reflect Pantone's latest trends predicting the most sought-after hues for today and tomorrow. The mirrors are immediately Fashion and the colors are immediately Pantone.

Creative Director: Min Lew

Photographer: Sacha Maric

Base Design