CheeseMaker for Lékué by Joan Rojeski Studio

CheeseMaker for Lékué by Joan Rojeski Studio

Joan Rojeski Studio recently created the CheeseMaker for Lékué. Making cheese has always been one of the great miracles such as bread or any other staple food but, in this case, the cheese can be done by you at home using a simple process in an economical, quick and easy way.

To enjoy the fresh cheese you just need two ingredients: milk + acid (which can be lemon, lime, vinegar or yogurt). Thanks to the properties of these acids, the resulting texture of the cheese is different: being more compact with vinegar, wetter with lemon and creamier with yogurt, what it gives us more versatility when preparing any recipe at any time of the day.

The Cheese Maker contains three parts in a single utensil that will help you in each phase of the simple process of making fresh cheese. First of all, there is the white bowl into which the milk is poured to heat it in the microwave, then we have the lid, which acts as a dispenser that measures the amount of acid to use (lemon, vinegar or yogurt) and which we use to pour the acid easily into the milk and, finally, the strainer into which the mixture is poured to obtain the rennet and the shape of a professional fresh cheese.

The materials selected optimize all their characteristics during the use phase by using the PBT for the container to get a high resistance to heat, a Platinum Silicone lid that allows flexibility for the pouring & perfect fit and finally the PP strainer with a high accuracy in measures.

To make fresh cheese you need to heat the milk inside the white container for 15 minutes. Once you have taken it out of the microwave, use the lid and its measuring cavity to pour the acid and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then, use the strainer to strain it and shape the cheese and after this keep it in the fridge by 60 minutes. Once the hour has passed, the cheese is ready to savour it.

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