New Practices New York 2016

New Practices New York 2016

New Practices New York, a biennial competition since 2006, is now open for registrations. The competition serves as the preeminent platform in New York City to recognize and promote new and innovative architecture and design firms.

The juried portfolio competition is sponsored by the New Practices Committee of the AIA New York Chapter and honors firms that have utilized unique and innovative strategies, both for the projects they undertake and for the practices they have established.

In architecture, the long-range view is often the most critical and least valued perspective. For many practices operating out of New York City, this challenge is amplified by the high costs of living, fierce competition, and minimal profit margins that can leave little time to develop and test new ideas without becoming overwhelmed by the shear act of professional survival. And yet, the scale, intensity, and diversity of the city make it one of the most productive places for architects to operate in the US and globally.

2016 marks the 10-year anniversary of the New Practices Committee and the New Practices New York competition. For this year's theme the competition seeks practices operating within the constraints of New York City that have been able to embrace unknowns, cultivate new opportunities, challenge assumptions, and find new ways to leverage architectural thinking to shape the city.

The extended deadline for registrations is January 15, 2016.

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